About me

kyukyu_av_picWho am I:

My name is Audry. I’m a 26 years old boy.

I graduated in Game Art section at video game school Isart Digital in Paris (2011).

I’m actually working in a video game company in Japan.

Big fan of Japanese animation for ages I hope you’ll enjoy what you see.

(No weird meaning intended ^^ )v

What I am willing to achieve:

With this blog, the master plan is to give you the opportunity of following the making of an anime from the beginning to an end in real time.

Why? Because when I was young (even now actually) , I loved to watch how movies were made. Even though those occasion were rare compared to the present time, I enjoyed it because it was like finding out about a magic trick.

I’m willing to let you see at my own level “the magic behind the trick” of my anime.



10 thoughts on “About me

  1. Si mon opinion te aide à aller de l’avant, Ba, ) pour parler le langage google), l’ensemble posté dernièrement sur les persos, fait une jolie galerie, et c’est vrai qu’on a envie de les voir agir.
    Pour des esquisses, comme tu me le disais, la semaine dernière— ‘qu’elle soit bénie!—, elles sont déjà bien avancés. Il nous faut maintenant de l’action! Gaya, que je n’avais pas encore vue de près, est super-jolie.
    Le rôle de chacun a-t-il déjà été indiqué?


  2. Nice idea ! Thanks to you I’ll see how to make an anime n_n ! (I’m afraid my english is so average é_è) (I could write in french, I know…) (but I want to improve my english è_é)
    Have a good day !


    • Waw, my pleasure! You’re right, english training is important, I’ll do the same by answering you XD
      I hope that you’ll like the upcoming posts ^_ – ) v
      By the way, now’s my chance to tell you that I liked your sketches!
      See ya


  3. Un joli projet, félicitations! C’est énormément de boulot pour une seule personne!
    La ligne directrice de l’histoire et le design des persos est dans la lignée traditionnelle des mangas pour ados, bon boulot! Ca me rappelle plein de trucs différents, lus dans ma jeunesse… 😉
    Bonne continuation!


    • Ah merci ca fait super plaisir!! ^0^) /
      Ca fait en effet pas mal de boulot mais c’est passionnant donc ca devrait aller ^^
      Je me demande bien quels histoires mon projet a pu ramener a l’esprit haha.
      Encore merci et bonne continuation aussi!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, when I saw your post on Shingeki no Kyojin I had no other choice than follow you, hoping you post more about great manga like this ^^
      Thank you for following me back by the way!
      Almost forgot, you should definitely read the manga if you want to know more about the story, even though you might ask yourself a lot more question after that ^^”

      Liked by 1 person

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