Character: Doloris


In french, “Douleur” means “Pain”.
As if Doloris’s looks was not hard enough for our eyes, I decided to let everyone feel pain just by hearing his name. Mwahahah!!


Doloris has no special skill, the only thing that makes him special is his ability to get anyone angry against him within 5 seconds. No joke, Kyu is going to verify it in real time.

His s father is the school’s headmaster, which is a good thing for him because it allows him to have the worst behavior toward his school mates. He is going to be the very first eenemythat our little heroes will have to deal with.

Even if he is a child, don’t underestimate his evil side!!! Doloris also has a good side, but since it’s so rare to witness it, I’ll let you discover it in the story. Ok let me be fully honest with you guys, at the moment I’m writing those lines, I don’t know yet what is gonna be his good side….but be sure that he has one….hid somewhere….XD



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