Everything looks better in Slow-Mo!

Hi folks, how are you?

This week, what about some slow-motion?
With those few more cuts, the flying kick scene is over,  I am ready to move on to the next parts.
But first, let’s take a look!


I didn’t use the 3D model for Gaya this time because I wanted this special shot to be in 2D. I don’t really have any reason for this though.
After finishing it, I did realise that it would have been faster using 3D for almost the same render haha.

Ok, that’s it for today, thanks for watching and have a nice week!
See you next monday, same time, same place!!


Flying the sky!

Hi folks, how are you?

Let’s begins this week with some action!

Let’s take a look at a few more cuts:

Here it goes, the flying kic…aaah…not yet hahaha, but soon!
By the way, I realized that I already made more than 5 minutes of animation, and since it might be hard for everybody to see the continuity of the whole thing, I will render this 5 minutes video real soon sooo, stay tunned!

Well, that’s it for the day, thanks for watching, have a nice week and see you next monday!

Beginning of scene 3!

Hi folks, how are you?

Finaly, everything is ready to begin the third scene!
Gaya and her father has been skinned and are now ready to move.
So without anymore suspens let’s take a look at he first cut of the scene:

Don’t be mad at me because you couldn’t see the character’s face.
You know, that’s the thing about the new characters, there faces are never to be revealed before the second time you see them.
Don’t ask me who made this rule hahaha.
Hope you liked it anyway.
Thanks for watching, have a nice week and see you on next monday!

Gaya design update!

Hi folks, how are you?

This monday I thought this was a good idea to show you the design update of gaya.

Plus, facial animation!

Let’s have a look:

That’s it! I hope that you like this new version.

Here is the link to the preview version, for those who want to compare.

Thanks for watching, have a nice week and see you on next monday!

Brushup 0001

Hi folks, how are you? HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!!
This monday, I decided to come back on a previous scene and take it to the next step.
I will put the links to the 2 versions, so you can compare.
Let’s have a look:

Next step is to add the animations for the characters.
Thanks for watching, have a good week, an excellent year and see you on next monday!!

“Stay close to me if you don’t want to get hurt.”

Hi folks, how are you?

As promised last week, today is the last part from scene 2.
Let’s watch it:

That’s it for the first time our heroes meet.
As I told you last week, I made some camera changes.
I actually realized that my camera were almost always the same, and so I decided to add a longer plan with a top view, instead of many close shots.
It adds a bit more of life to the scene, thanks to the background.

Sooo, that’s it for today, thanks for watching, have a nice week and see you on next monday!


Hi folks, how are you?

Today I prepared a special effect which I am going to use many times in the story.
Let’s take a look, we’ll review it after:

So, this is actually a transition effect.
But why do I need such a colorful transition you might think XD
If it’s the case, just know that in this story, there is not only one world, but “at least” two.
This other world is called: RealDream! I know what you’re thinking, “what an obvious name!” right? Well, wait and see ^^

That’s it for today, thanks for watching, have a nice week and see you on next Monday!

How to avoid the fight (by Kyu)

Hi folks, how are you?

Yesterday I had a day off so I choosed to work a bit more on the anime.
And as a result, here comes last week’s progress:

I don’t even understand how he escaped the fight… Kyu is such a stupid fellow right? haha…nothing to do with me!
Anyway, it’s been a long time since I’ve had some work already done for the upcoming week.
So here goes the PREVIEW!!!
Next week on EIEN The Animation, an awesome Special Effects is coming!!
(or a new character…depends on how I feelXD)
Ok, hope you liked it, thanks for watching, have a nice week and see you on next monday!

Shin (choku?)

Hi Folks, how are you?

Today let’s simply take a look at the (進捗/ shinchoku) “progression” of scene number 2!
This is the first time you’ll see young Shin, hope you’ll like it:

Wow guys, as it goes on, I, myself can’t wait to show you the following parts! What’s wrong with me?! hahaha!
Anyway, in order to make the collision more powerfull, I am going to add more images in the plan where the camera gets closer to Shin.
By doing so, the collision will be seen two times, but fast enough so you won’t get the feeling of seeing it two times.
For those of you who don’t get what I mean… No worries! Explanations are coming next week, so stay tuned!
Or you can watch some videos of Jackie Chan explaining how he likes to cut his shots (always better to learn from the master among the masters!)

That’s it for today folks! Thanks for watching and see you next monday!!