Hi folks, how are you?

It’s been quiet a while since i’ve posted here, a lot of things happened but I’m back into business!!
Today I chosed to take a look into the future of the story by showing to you, an older version of the little Aya.
Hope you guys like it:


Click to enlarge.

Is Aya an OTAKU?!! haha
Ok guys, thanks for watching and see you really quick on monday for some cool stuff!


Fourth member of the team!

Hi folks!

So this monday you choosed characters.
Fair enough, here’s Aya!! (Keep in mind that the design you’ve seen so far may be subject to a few changes as the project goes on.)
Click on the pic!! ^0^



We’ve almost reached the thousand views!!! Thanks for your support and see you next week!! ^^

If you have any thoughts or questions so far, let me know, I would be happy to answer you.

バイバイ bye bye!