Hi folks, how are you?
Today I will share with you a short plan from the upcoming cut.
Let’s watch it together:

I tried a different way of creating the 3D background.
Instead of making it full 3D, I’ve put 2D images in a 3D space.
As a result, the rendering time is faster. Once the last fix are made, this can
become a good point for my workflow (since my computer is getting old).
I have put some efforts on making a good looking 2D smoke effect.
All that’s left is to put a lighting on it, here is a little test:


Click to enlarge

Well, that’s about it, thanks for watching and see you on next monday!


3D Background: The School (part 1)

Hi folks, how are you?

Today, we are going to take a look at the work in progress of the school in which action will often take place.
You saw the beggining in a previous post, here is the first part of the total background.
Let’s see:


Next step is to add details on textures (walls, roofs, cliff, etc…), add blacklines on the edges, refine meshes and add more meshes.
Let me know what you think ^^
That’s it for today guys, see you on next monday!
Thanks for watching!!

1 new minute of animation!

Hi folks, how are you?

Today I prepared for you guys, a whole new minute of animation!
This scene comes just after the opening sequence, I hope you’ll enjoy it:

There’s a few things I want to fix but as always, I chosed to move on to the next scene. Otherwise, there is no way I can finish it hahaha.
Ok, hope you liked it, that’s it for today, thanks for watching and see you as usual next monday!!

Production Begins!

Hi folks how are you?

I told you last week that today’s news would be a great one,
and so I hope you’ll be happy to know that production has officialy begun!

Well I didn’t actualy finished the pre-production in terms that I haven’t finished all the 3d characters and backgrounds but I deceided to make them once they’re needed to appear in a scene.
Since it’s 3D, adding details afterwards isn’t a problem.

Anyway I prepared a little video for you guys of a work in progress, and just because I like you, some pics are following.

Have a look!

s1_c2_render_test01 s1_c2_render_test02

How was it guys?
The video you just saw contains almost all the elements that will be inside the final piece. But as you saw in the pictures coming after, I intend to add some more details in order to refine the shapes and to finish the scene. And that’s what is great about using 3D, I can add details even on the final day of the production. All it takes is a new render.

Thanks for reading and see you next week!!

Hair Animation Test

Hi folks how are you?

Fine? Great because today we are going to get a glimpse of some final render for I am going to show you a hair animation test.
Let’s watch it first, we talk after.

But wait ISN’T THIS…!!!

Yeah, this was a new character. Since this video was just a hair tesst I didn’t bother adding all the details to the character but hopefully you will be able to check his whole design reaaaally soon. Wait for it ^^

So let’s talk a bit about the vid.
The character is made in 3D but the hair are in 2D, I just wanted to check if this method was worth using. And I think, I might use this technique from now on. It’s pretty easy and fast, and I also get the render I want no matter where the camera is looking from.

Ok that’s it for today, thanks for reading and see you on next monday!!

3D Backgounds: The Classroom

Hi folks!

Let’s begin this week like every week with what the majority asked for.
Actualy this week is not exactly like others because today you are going to have a look at the first background of the anime:

And just because I love you without restrictions, I prepared a bunch of pictures! Not one! Not two! But THREEEE IMAGES!

Hurry up and have a look! ^^


Click to enlarge


Click to enlarge


Click to enlarge

Well, there is obviously a long way until the final product , in terms of render and details but with this, things are getting more concrete.

Now you can start to picture some characters moving in the scene right?

Ok nice,  well thank you for reading and see you on next monday!

Oh! And don’t forget to vote. (/・ω・)/