StoryBoard (Scene 0003)

Hi folks, how are you?

I realised that I haven’t uploaded the next part of the storyboard yet.
In this page, we will enter scene number 3.
But let’s have a look:


So, as you noticed, part of it is already done.
(For those who want to see preview videos, don’t miss the animation galerie here)
Anyway, I can’t wait to start scene three,
because Gaya and her father are going to show off for the first time in history *A*)!!
Finally some action.
For those of you who follow this making of for a certain time,
you will see the evolution from the test on Gaya’s kick I created a few months ago,
and the actual “awesome flying kick” she’s gonna perform for you guys^^
(Notice that the cameras are probably going to change, this board is more a guide than a real storyboard.)
By the way, scene two is over as I am writing those lines.
I changed the last plans but we’ll talk about it next week so stay tuned ^_-)

That’s it for today folks! Thanks for watching and see you next monday!!


StoryBoard Scene 0002 Cut 01 to 09

Hi folks, how are you?

This week we move on to the second scene (which is the first one coming after the opening).
Who said I hate storyboarding again?! Don’t remember but this person might be right (haha…)
Anyway, this is not the funiest part for me but since it’s a making of, I had to let you see a bit.

Here it goes!


Click to enlarge

Yeah I know, this is a bit hard to understand. But that’s clear for me, and as I said before,
at this step, if I’m not getting lost with my storyboard, then you don’t have to worry about a thing ^_-) v

I guess we’re done for this week.
Next week’s hint: Sound!
Thank you for watching!!

Pre- Opening Story-Board v.01

Hi folks, how are you?

Ok today, we are gonna get into some serious business for I am going to talk about the story board.

I began with a simple version of this scene, and added some colors to get an idea of the whole atmosphere.
You might find strange that I didn’t put many notes around the frames since this is the usual way to do things. The reason is…..those kind of things are confusing me more than helping me. Also, I have my scenario by my side so I can rely on.

Ok, let’s take a look at it!


Click to enlarge


Why is it written in french? No clue XD

Ok, this version, lacks many shots actually. This was more like a first shot to dive into the water as we say in french. (Got the same expression in english?) In other words, I needed to get into it. Don’t worry, I’ll make things clearer as I’ll be going on.

Anyway, thanks for reading and see you on next monday!