Manga (pages 5 to 8)

Hi folks!

I feel like I hadn’t post since long. I don’t know why, but I am happy to finally show you the next 4 pages of the story.

For those who don’t know, this is only the first shot I gave in turning the plot into form.

Actualy the story, as it evolved to the moment, changed quiet a bit from what you will see now. But since this site is a making of, I thought I should show you where all the thing came from.

If you want to read the previous pages click on this link.

No more talking here we go!


Pages 005 – 006



Pages 007 – 008



P.S: I don’t have a scanner and I have some troubles with my camera so don’t mind the quality please ^^”

This week, the polls are back!

よろしくな!I’m counting on you guys ^^

Thanks for reading and see you sooooon!


A new character is coming!!

Hey folks!

Hope you are doing fine.

I don’t have my internet back at home so I write this in advance.
Well if you are reading this, it means that everything went ok. ^^

I forgot to take the pictures of the 4th to 8th page of the manga (sorry) so today let me introduce to you a new character. If I had an opinion on him, I would say that I hate him hahaha.
No more talking, let’s take a look at Doloris!!


Next week will be the manga next pages you asked for last time^_-)

Thanks for reading!


Manga (pages 1 to 4)

Hey folks!

Today is monday and for this eleventh post I had to choose between manga or animatic (according to your votes).
So, I guess you know what is the result of this long decision…
Yeah! Manga version, how did you know?XD

Ok, great,but first things first, let me explain a few things.

You have to read from right to left. If you want to know why, well it’s just because I first wrote it in japanese to practice a bit.
Second thing, I translated it in french. Why? dunno…XD (sorry for those who don’t understand), but don’t worry this was more a first shot in order to give me an idea of where i’m going, than the final story.

Guess I’m done with the explanations, time to read! (or watch ^^”)


Pages 001 – 002


Pages 003 – 004

Ok, just like in a video game, this eleventh post is a sign of evolution, and so, new subject’s appeared for next week’s poll.

Check it out! ^^) v