EIEN BB Scene001 Cut003 W.I.P 02 (All Plans)

Hi Folks, how are you?

For those of you who saw the last week’s post, here’s part two!
For those who didn’t, well, HERE’S PART TWO!!!
I am talking about the third cut, and this time, all plans are included.


Still a W.I.P (Work In Progress), but as they say, show must go on so next step will be the next cut.
Final versions of the cuts are going to come in a second time (meaning later).
That’s it for the day so, as always thanks for watching and see you next week!!


A new Character is Coming!!


Hi folks how are you doing,

after one week break, I come back as promised and today, a new character is revealed!
Some of you already saw him in a certain hair test video. See?
Alright, enough with the 100 yens suspens, let’s have a look:


Click on the pic


I hope you’ll like him in the story!
Now we’ve got all the mains characters of the story, and a few others as well. Of course more characters are coming, so wait for them ^^

Almost forgot! I prepare a great news for next week so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading and see you soon!


Hair Animation Test

Hi folks how are you?

Fine? Great because today we are going to get a glimpse of some final render for I am going to show you a hair animation test.
Let’s watch it first, we talk after.

But wait ISN’T THIS…!!!

Yeah, this was a new character. Since this video was just a hair tesst I didn’t bother adding all the details to the character but hopefully you will be able to check his whole design reaaaally soon. Wait for it ^^

So let’s talk a bit about the vid.
The character is made in 3D but the hair are in 2D, I just wanted to check if this method was worth using. And I think, I might use this technique from now on. It’s pretty easy and fast, and I also get the render I want no matter where the camera is looking from.

Ok that’s it for today, thanks for reading and see you on next monday!!