Beginning of scene 3!

Hi folks, how are you?

Finaly, everything is ready to begin the third scene!
Gaya and her father has been skinned and are now ready to move.
So without anymore suspens let’s take a look at he first cut of the scene:

Don’t be mad at me because you couldn’t see the character’s face.
You know, that’s the thing about the new characters, there faces are never to be revealed before the second time you see them.
Don’t ask me who made this rule hahaha.
Hope you liked it anyway.
Thanks for watching, have a nice week and see you on next monday!


Work in Progress

Hi folks, how are you?

I am a bit late today, but we are still on monday so let’s assume I am on time haha.
This week, I am showing the last steps before scene 3 can actually begin.

Please take a look at those 3 pics, I’ll explain after:

Alright, let’s explain a bit.

At this step, the new version of Gaya is skinned and rigged, which means that she can move, whereas Goroouji (her father) is still in a T-pose and has yet to be skinned and rigged. But before that I need to finish his modeling.
Many things left to do but don’t worry I’m on the case!

So, that’s it for today, thanks for watching, have a nice week and see you next monday.

Gaya design update!

Hi folks, how are you?

This monday I thought this was a good idea to show you the design update of gaya.

Plus, facial animation!

Let’s have a look:

That’s it! I hope that you like this new version.

Here is the link to the preview version, for those who want to compare.

Thanks for watching, have a nice week and see you on next monday!

StoryBoard (Scene 0003)

Hi folks, how are you?

I realised that I haven’t uploaded the next part of the storyboard yet.
In this page, we will enter scene number 3.
But let’s have a look:


So, as you noticed, part of it is already done.
(For those who want to see preview videos, don’t miss the animation galerie here)
Anyway, I can’t wait to start scene three,
because Gaya and her father are going to show off for the first time in history *A*)!!
Finally some action.
For those of you who follow this making of for a certain time,
you will see the evolution from the test on Gaya’s kick I created a few months ago,
and the actual “awesome flying kick” she’s gonna perform for you guys^^
(Notice that the cameras are probably going to change, this board is more a guide than a real storyboard.)
By the way, scene two is over as I am writing those lines.
I changed the last plans but we’ll talk about it next week so stay tuned ^_-)

That’s it for today folks! Thanks for watching and see you next monday!!

Animation Test: The flying kick!

Hi folks how are you?

Like every monday, here comes the new post, and today we’re going to talk about animation, I mean REAL animation.
But let me explain a bit.

As I told you before, I am still in some kind of a trial period.
This test was a good way to find out what kind of render I was going to get (in terms of framerate or image per second if you prefer).

Now let’s take a look at it, shall we.

Ok, so now imagine a quality up version of this animation (motion, camera fix, timing, etc…), plus the type of render you saw last weeks and you get pretty much a good idea of where we’re going to.

Still hard to picture? Well then, rendez-vous on next monday for more content!! ^_-

And as always, thanks for reading!


2D Face render test

Hi folks, how are you?

This week you asked for what looks like the following part of last monday.
So this is what I was talking about when saying, “draw on top of 3D”.
As you can see, the left part features what you already know:
the 3D version of Gaya.
Whereas the right one represents today’s subject.

Take a look and let me know what you think about the render.


Click to enlarge


Right now, I’m still trying many things. This render was for only one image and considering the fact that many others are needed to make an animation, I’m trying to get the best out of 2D and 3D (in terms of time and quality).

Alright, that’s about it for the day, take care and see you next week!


3D Character base

Hi folks! How are doing?

Today you asked for 3D Character Base!!

So actually I made a 3D version of Gaya wearing her Seifuku, but after trying many things, I’m not sure I really need to create every character in 3D. At least not in whole part. I mean, just the head put on a 3D mannequin might do the trick.
After rendering the 3D animation, I can draw on top with any 2D soft and by doing so, the final render will look like 2D but this allows me to get awesome action scenes! (Hopefully ^^””)

The truth is that I was already using this technique when working on my previous manga. But I thought that since this time is an animation, I might need more details. Right now I think it’s more a loss of time than anything else. Well, I will be able to find out after finishing the first animated scene.

That’s it for the explanations, now let’s take a look!!

You might have noticed some “bugs”, I didn’t fix the mesh properly because this model is only a base and I was too lazy to fix it XD

Alright that’s it for today, see you soon ^^)v

Clothing test: Gaya’ s Seifuku

Hey folks,

sorry for being late I couldn’t use internet for 3 looong days and it’s gonna stay this way for a while so I’m using internet from my workplace.

Now you know the story let’s get down to business!^^

For those who don’t know, Seifuku( 制服 )is a uniform.
So here are my first thoughts about the School Uniform that my characters are supposed to wear.


Click to enlarge

As you can see, the girl uniform is put forward but next time, the boys will be under the spotlights!

As I told you I couldn’t use internet for 3 days so I couldn’t check the poll, that’s why I couldn’t fully prepare the post you wanted to see.

So poll for next week^^”
And as usual, thanks for reading!

First Animatic Scene Test (pre-Opening)!!

Hey folks!!

Happy New Year!! ^^

Alright let’s begin this new year with a bit of animation.

This is an animatic test for the first scene, which is coming before the opening.
The goal was to check the timing of the animations with the voice of a character (I know, you don’t hear anything here, but I’m talking about the subtitles XD)
The voices are going to be added as soon as possible, in japanese of course. So if you have a japanese acquaintance who wants to try, let me know!

Enough with the long talk and take a look ^^

Don’t hesitate if you have any question, I’ll gladly answer it!

And as usual, thanks for reading and don’t forget to vote! ^^

Surprise post: Here comes Gaya!

Hi folks!

I have so much left to show you guys, that I made a decision to post twice this week.

Let me introduce the first female character: Gaya



And don’ t forget, voting is a right but also a duty! hahaha, you have until saturday!

Take care!