Little break!

Hi folks, how are you?

This week I needed to take a little break so I have nothing to show you today, but I will be back really soon (2 weeks in the worst case), and this time I will be stronger than ever!!

So please wait for my comeback!! ^^

Thank you all, have a nice week and see you in about 2 weeks!!


2 Pictures to THANK YOU for 1000 views!!!

Hey folks,

it’s been two months already and yet, thanks to you my moral is over one thousand!! Just in case you didn’t get the pun XD

And so, I thought about thanking you all for your support, so here comes, not only one, BUT TWO pictures!!!







Take care!


2014 en révision!! (2014 overlook in french)

Les lutins statisticiens de ont préparé le rapport annuel 2014 de ce blog.

En voici un extrait :

Un tramway de San Francisco peut contenir 60 personnes. Ce blog a été visité 930 fois en 2014. S’il était un de ces tramways, il aurait dû faire à peu près 16 voyages pour transporter tout le monde.

Cliquez ici pour voir le rapport complet.

2 First Render Tests!!

Hi folks,

sorry I forgot to put a new vote last week, but based on the previous week, it looked like you wanted to get a glimpse at what could become this anime. Well, let me show you on this beautiful monday (hope it’s beautiful XD) the first two pictures from my rendering tests.

Click to enlarge



Click to enlarge


At this state, I only used 2D as you can see.
Keep in mind that those are tests and might be far from the final product, but still, it helps me to move forward.
By the way, those pics come from the same scene, which is the first of the story!!
What on earth is going on in this scene?!!
Do you guys think I should keep on this way or search for another path?

As usual, thanks for reading and don’t forget to vote ^^) v


Blog launch!!!

Welcome everybody!! (日本語)

I am so excited to launch this site because, I decided to make my own anime by myself!

No you’re not dreaming. I am going to mix all the skills (2D, 3D, Montage, etc…) I gathered so far (just like in an RPG), and give you simply the best I can!!

I see this blog as a big making of , so get ready to witness every step of the creation.

YOU people, are part of the story!

I thought of many ways to make you participate actively in the project ( design contests, votes, etc…) . So in the end you might even get your name in the credits. No, don’t say anything, I can almost see the tears of happiness running down your cheeks, hahaha.

Let me explain a bit about this blog, I’m going to post once a week (EVERY MONDAY) so you people can start every new week with a great mood. This pace is gonna last until you can finally see the first episode (and more hopefully). Oh, and I might post twice a week sometimes, so you might want to check out randomly.

Last but not least, the picture from the previous post actually comes from a screenshot of my anime’s ending (this first shot was actually a test…)

There’s more below the video!

Allow me to end this introduction with a poll. This might help me a lot when the time of making a new article comes.

Oh, I almost forgot, I posted a little something on another page of this website, for those who wants to know more about this project.

See you next week