Beginning of scene 3!

Hi folks, how are you?

Finaly, everything is ready to begin the third scene!
Gaya and her father has been skinned and are now ready to move.
So without anymore suspens let’s take a look at he first cut of the scene:

Don’t be mad at me because you couldn’t see the character’s face.
You know, that’s the thing about the new characters, there faces are never to be revealed before the second time you see them.
Don’t ask me who made this rule hahaha.
Hope you liked it anyway.
Thanks for watching, have a nice week and see you on next monday!


Work in Progress

Hi folks, how are you?

I am a bit late today, but we are still on monday so let’s assume I am on time haha.
This week, I am showing the last steps before scene 3 can actually begin.

Please take a look at those 3 pics, I’ll explain after:

Alright, let’s explain a bit.

At this step, the new version of Gaya is skinned and rigged, which means that she can move, whereas Goroouji (her father) is still in a T-pose and has yet to be skinned and rigged. But before that I need to finish his modeling.
Many things left to do but don’t worry I’m on the case!

So, that’s it for today, thanks for watching, have a nice week and see you next monday.