New Character: Goroouji !!!

Hi folks, how are you?
This monday, we are are going to take a look at a new character who is going to appear in the next cuts to come.
Let me introduce you to Goroouji:


Click the pic to get to the bio.


Don’t miss his bio, which can be seen by clicking on the pic ^_-)

Thanks for watching, have a good week and see you on next monday!!


Saori sensei 2.0?

Hi folks, how are you?

Recently some changes occured in my life, so I had to adapt myself in order to continue this adventure.
From now on, things should return to normal. I’ll do my best!
Anyway, today I prepared for you guys, another version of Saori sensei.
Have a look!


How the hell did she changed so much since the last drawing?!!
Well, this is something you’ll find out in the story ^^”
Let me know which form do you prefer guys.
And as always, thanks for watching! See you on next monday!


Hi folks, how are you?

It’s been quiet a while since i’ve posted here, a lot of things happened but I’m back into business!!
Today I chosed to take a look into the future of the story by showing to you, an older version of the little Aya.
Hope you guys like it:


Click to enlarge.

Is Aya an OTAKU?!! haha
Ok guys, thanks for watching and see you really quick on monday for some cool stuff!

100 likes!! THANK YOU!!!

Hi folks, how are you on this monday?

Yeah I know this is not monday but as I checked my account the other day, I’ve been stunned when I saw that I got 100 LIKES!!

So, I just wanted to thank you all for your support!! ^o^


Click to enlarge


Thank you and see you on monday ^_-) v

Concept Art (1st)

Hi folks, how are you?

This monday we are going to have a look at something halfway between rough drawing and illustration.
I like to call it concept art althought some expert might not consider it as a real concept art.
For those who don’t know about it, let’s say that a concept art is a “quick” way to draw something looking pretty much like an illustration.

So for this drawing I choose as a subject, the scene coming just before Kyu’s last transformation.
Yeah I said last transformation, so be prepared for a lot more than an ordinary schoolday life story.
But let’s take a look at it.


As you can see, Kyu looks older than what I showed you previously.

This work was also an occasion to try some design for the title.
Those who know me also know that designing a text is my greatest weakness, hahaha.
Ok that’s it for today, thanks for reading and see you soon!

Clothing test: Gaya’ s Seifuku

Hey folks,

sorry for being late I couldn’t use internet for 3 looong days and it’s gonna stay this way for a while so I’m using internet from my workplace.

Now you know the story let’s get down to business!^^

For those who don’t know, Seifuku( 制服 )is a uniform.
So here are my first thoughts about the School Uniform that my characters are supposed to wear.


Click to enlarge

As you can see, the girl uniform is put forward but next time, the boys will be under the spotlights!

As I told you I couldn’t use internet for 3 days so I couldn’t check the poll, that’s why I couldn’t fully prepare the post you wanted to see.

So poll for next week^^”
And as usual, thanks for reading!