StoryBoard (Scene 0003)

Hi folks, how are you?

I realised that I haven’t uploaded the next part of the storyboard yet.
In this page, we will enter scene number 3.
But let’s have a look:


So, as you noticed, part of it is already done.
(For those who want to see preview videos, don’t miss the animation galerie here)
Anyway, I can’t wait to start scene three,
because Gaya and her father are going to show off for the first time in history *A*)!!
Finally some action.
For those of you who follow this making of for a certain time,
you will see the evolution from the test on Gaya’s kick I created a few months ago,
and the actual “awesome flying kick” she’s gonna perform for you guys^^
(Notice that the cameras are probably going to change, this board is more a guide than a real storyboard.)
By the way, scene two is over as I am writing those lines.
I changed the last plans but we’ll talk about it next week so stay tuned ^_-)

That’s it for today folks! Thanks for watching and see you next monday!!


Shin (choku?)

Hi Folks, how are you?

Today let’s simply take a look at the (進捗/ shinchoku) “progression” of scene number 2!
This is the first time you’ll see young Shin, hope you’ll like it:

Wow guys, as it goes on, I, myself can’t wait to show you the following parts! What’s wrong with me?! hahaha!
Anyway, in order to make the collision more powerfull, I am going to add more images in the plan where the camera gets closer to Shin.
By doing so, the collision will be seen two times, but fast enough so you won’t get the feeling of seeing it two times.
For those of you who don’t get what I mean… No worries! Explanations are coming next week, so stay tuned!
Or you can watch some videos of Jackie Chan explaining how he likes to cut his shots (always better to learn from the master among the masters!)

That’s it for today folks! Thanks for watching and see you next monday!!

Last week, part 2!

Hi Folks, how are you?

Today completes next week’s post.
I pushed the smoke quality a little further and added two more plans inside the shot.
Let’s see!

What is a “ThermoScarf”? I made a quiet obvious name, but still, more explanations about it are coming in the upcoming parts.
You might have noticed the student lying on the floor behind Kyu.
I intend on making him try to get up on his feet because the plan where Kyu speaks lacks a bit of sub animations.
But for this, I need to model the students in 3D, which leads us to next week so stay tuned.
Oh, and I do apologize for those of you who came to read yesterday’s post. ごめんな/ Gomen na/ Sorry (^-^ ,”)
Ok, let’s add a little bonus to end this post.
Here you go:

Here’s a way of using the same smoke effect to get a different looking smoke.
That’s it for the day so, as always thanks for watching and see you next monday!!


Hi folks, how are you?
Today I will share with you a short plan from the upcoming cut.
Let’s watch it together:

I tried a different way of creating the 3D background.
Instead of making it full 3D, I’ve put 2D images in a 3D space.
As a result, the rendering time is faster. Once the last fix are made, this can
become a good point for my workflow (since my computer is getting old).
I have put some efforts on making a good looking 2D smoke effect.
All that’s left is to put a lighting on it, here is a little test:


Click to enlarge

Well, that’s about it, thanks for watching and see you on next monday!

1 new minute of animation!

Hi folks, how are you?

Today I prepared for you guys, a whole new minute of animation!
This scene comes just after the opening sequence, I hope you’ll enjoy it:

There’s a few things I want to fix but as always, I chosed to move on to the next scene. Otherwise, there is no way I can finish it hahaha.
Ok, hope you liked it, that’s it for today, thanks for watching and see you as usual next monday!!

3D Eyes

Hi folks, how are you?

Today, I would like to show you an upgrade for the eyes of my characters.
Now that it’s done, I can get interesting results by changing the size of the pupils…
I still need to rig the eyebrows by the way…hahaha.
Ok, the video is faster than the blink of an eye (WOHOHO) so don’t hesitate to replay it.

Ok that’s all for today.
Stay tuned and thanks for watching!!

Sakuga Action Scene 001 (Rough)

Hi folks, how are you?

Today is tuesday, and as promised, we will talk about Sakuga in today’s post.
What is Sakuga?! Well basically the meaning of Sakuga is “image work”, to be more precise,
give a scene to an animator and let him free to animate the way he wants.
Of course it is more complex than that so if you want to learn more, I strongly advise you to take a look at this series of
They talk about it way better than me, and it’s really interesting.
But back to business!
Today I prepared for you the layout for my first action scene!
No more waiting, here comes the video!

Okay, so now that I have this layout, I can easily replace any rough image with a cleaned up one.
I’m also thinking about adding a few more blows between two of the characters in order to time the scene
a bit better.
I guess that’s all for today so, rendez-vous next week.
And as always, thanks for watching!!

Scene 0002 Cut001 (2 versions)

Hi Folks, how are you?

Sorry for being late, you know what it is, waking up early, feeling like you have all the time in the world to get prepared and find out that you are already 20 minutes late…

Anyway , today what about taking a look at the first cut of the second scene!
I put two versions in the video.
The second one has a character animation whereas the first one is closer to e a rough shot.
Let’s see!

I’m planning on changing the camera to the one from the first shot for the final version.
That’s it for the day so, as always thanks for watching and see you next week!!

StoryBoard Scene 0002 Cut 01 to 09

Hi folks, how are you?

This week we move on to the second scene (which is the first one coming after the opening).
Who said I hate storyboarding again?! Don’t remember but this person might be right (haha…)
Anyway, this is not the funiest part for me but since it’s a making of, I had to let you see a bit.

Here it goes!


Click to enlarge

Yeah I know, this is a bit hard to understand. But that’s clear for me, and as I said before,
at this step, if I’m not getting lost with my storyboard, then you don’t have to worry about a thing ^_-) v

I guess we’re done for this week.
Next week’s hint: Sound!
Thank you for watching!!

EIEN BB Scene001 Cut003 W.I.P 02 (All Plans)

Hi Folks, how are you?

For those of you who saw the last week’s post, here’s part two!
For those who didn’t, well, HERE’S PART TWO!!!
I am talking about the third cut, and this time, all plans are included.


Still a W.I.P (Work In Progress), but as they say, show must go on so next step will be the next cut.
Final versions of the cuts are going to come in a second time (meaning later).
That’s it for the day so, as always thanks for watching and see you next week!!