Saori sensei 2.0?

Hi folks, how are you?

Recently some changes occured in my life, so I had to adapt myself in order to continue this adventure.
From now on, things should return to normal. I’ll do my best!
Anyway, today I prepared for you guys, another version of Saori sensei.
Have a look!


How the hell did she changed so much since the last drawing?!!
Well, this is something you’ll find out in the story ^^”
Let me know which form do you prefer guys.
And as always, thanks for watching! See you on next monday!


New Character Coming!!

Hi folks, how are you?

Recently I’ve posted only videos so today I decided to get back to images with a newcomer in the character section!

Check it out!


Click on the picture.

Hope you will like it!

Thanks for watching and see you next week!