Everything looks better in Slow-Mo!

Hi folks, how are you?

This week, what about some slow-motion?
With those few more cuts, the flying kick scene is over,  I am ready to move on to the next parts.
But first, let’s take a look!


I didn’t use the 3D model for Gaya this time because I wanted this special shot to be in 2D. I don’t really have any reason for this though.
After finishing it, I did realise that it would have been faster using 3D for almost the same render haha.

Ok, that’s it for today, thanks for watching and have a nice week!
See you next monday, same time, same place!!


EIEN Episode 1 (First 5 minutes)!!!

Hi folks, how are you?

Well if you ask me, I am pretty happy. Why?
Because, this sure took me time, but after one year, I finaly managed to reach the 5 minutes checkpoint I fixed to myself at the begining!

Oooow yeah baby!…sorry, got carried away haha.

Anyway, without further suspens, let’s sit down comfortably and enjoy the show!

Now you guys get a better idea of the whole thing right?

Of course, this is a work in progress and everything will be brushed up in time, so no worries ^^)

Well that’s it for today, thanks for watching, don’t hesitate to let me now what you think in the comments below and see you next week!!

Flying the sky!

Hi folks, how are you?

Let’s begins this week with some action!

Let’s take a look at a few more cuts:

Here it goes, the flying kic…aaah…not yet hahaha, but soon!
By the way, I realized that I already made more than 5 minutes of animation, and since it might be hard for everybody to see the continuity of the whole thing, I will render this 5 minutes video real soon sooo, stay tunned!

Well, that’s it for the day, thanks for watching, have a nice week and see you next monday!

Beginning of scene 3!

Hi folks, how are you?

Finaly, everything is ready to begin the third scene!
Gaya and her father has been skinned and are now ready to move.
So without anymore suspens let’s take a look at he first cut of the scene:

Don’t be mad at me because you couldn’t see the character’s face.
You know, that’s the thing about the new characters, there faces are never to be revealed before the second time you see them.
Don’t ask me who made this rule hahaha.
Hope you liked it anyway.
Thanks for watching, have a nice week and see you on next monday!

“Stay close to me if you don’t want to get hurt.”

Hi folks, how are you?

As promised last week, today is the last part from scene 2.
Let’s watch it:

That’s it for the first time our heroes meet.
As I told you last week, I made some camera changes.
I actually realized that my camera were almost always the same, and so I decided to add a longer plan with a top view, instead of many close shots.
It adds a bit more of life to the scene, thanks to the background.

Sooo, that’s it for today, thanks for watching, have a nice week and see you on next monday!


How to avoid the fight (by Kyu)

Hi folks, how are you?

Yesterday I had a day off so I choosed to work a bit more on the anime.
And as a result, here comes last week’s progress:

I don’t even understand how he escaped the fight… Kyu is such a stupid fellow right? haha…nothing to do with me!
Anyway, it’s been a long time since I’ve had some work already done for the upcoming week.
So here goes the PREVIEW!!!
Next week on EIEN The Animation, an awesome Special Effects is coming!!
(or a new character…depends on how I feelXD)
Ok, hope you liked it, thanks for watching, have a nice week and see you on next monday!

Last week, part 2!

Hi Folks, how are you?

Today completes next week’s post.
I pushed the smoke quality a little further and added two more plans inside the shot.
Let’s see!

What is a “ThermoScarf”? I made a quiet obvious name, but still, more explanations about it are coming in the upcoming parts.
You might have noticed the student lying on the floor behind Kyu.
I intend on making him try to get up on his feet because the plan where Kyu speaks lacks a bit of sub animations.
But for this, I need to model the students in 3D, which leads us to next week so stay tuned.
Oh, and I do apologize for those of you who came to read yesterday’s post. ごめんな/ Gomen na/ Sorry (^-^ ,”)
Ok, let’s add a little bonus to end this post.
Here you go:

Here’s a way of using the same smoke effect to get a different looking smoke.
That’s it for the day so, as always thanks for watching and see you next monday!!


Hi folks, how are you?
Today I will share with you a short plan from the upcoming cut.
Let’s watch it together:

I tried a different way of creating the 3D background.
Instead of making it full 3D, I’ve put 2D images in a 3D space.
As a result, the rendering time is faster. Once the last fix are made, this can
become a good point for my workflow (since my computer is getting old).
I have put some efforts on making a good looking 2D smoke effect.
All that’s left is to put a lighting on it, here is a little test:


Click to enlarge

Well, that’s about it, thanks for watching and see you on next monday!

Everything done until now!

Hi folks, how are you?

Today, I made a clip with all the cuts created until now.
I added a short title screen and the third cut from the second scene.
Now you will have a good view over the whole begining.
Enough with the explanations, let’s take a look:

Still a lot of things to edit but that’s ok, I’ll do this after finishing the whole episode.
On to the next part!
Hope you liked it, thanks for watching!
You might have noticed that I did’n’t post anything last monday…well,
let’s just say that I had some troubles dealing with both anime and that little thing we call life hahaha.
Hopefuly, things are going to be back to normal once and for all.
Sooo, see you on next monday!