StoryBoard Round 4

Hi folks, how are you?

This monday, let’s start the week with a bit more of the story!

Here comes the 4th page of the storyboard:


As you can see, some more action is coming!!

So stay tuned and get ready for it ^^

Thanks for watching, good week and see you next monday!




EIEN Episode 1 (First 5 minutes)!!!

Hi folks, how are you?

Well if you ask me, I am pretty happy. Why?
Because, this sure took me time, but after one year, I finaly managed to reach the 5 minutes checkpoint I fixed to myself at the begining!

Oooow yeah baby!…sorry, got carried away haha.

Anyway, without further suspens, let’s sit down comfortably and enjoy the show!

Now you guys get a better idea of the whole thing right?

Of course, this is a work in progress and everything will be brushed up in time, so no worries ^^)

Well that’s it for today, thanks for watching, don’t hesitate to let me now what you think in the comments below and see you next week!!

StoryBoard (Scene 0003)

Hi folks, how are you?

I realised that I haven’t uploaded the next part of the storyboard yet.
In this page, we will enter scene number 3.
But let’s have a look:


So, as you noticed, part of it is already done.
(For those who want to see preview videos, don’t miss the animation galerie here)
Anyway, I can’t wait to start scene three,
because Gaya and her father are going to show off for the first time in history *A*)!!
Finally some action.
For those of you who follow this making of for a certain time,
you will see the evolution from the test on Gaya’s kick I created a few months ago,
and the actual “awesome flying kick” she’s gonna perform for you guys^^
(Notice that the cameras are probably going to change, this board is more a guide than a real storyboard.)
By the way, scene two is over as I am writing those lines.
I changed the last plans but we’ll talk about it next week so stay tuned ^_-)

That’s it for today folks! Thanks for watching and see you next monday!!

1 new minute of animation!

Hi folks, how are you?

Today I prepared for you guys, a whole new minute of animation!
This scene comes just after the opening sequence, I hope you’ll enjoy it:

There’s a few things I want to fix but as always, I chosed to move on to the next scene. Otherwise, there is no way I can finish it hahaha.
Ok, hope you liked it, that’s it for today, thanks for watching and see you as usual next monday!!

StoryBoard Scene 0002 Cut 01 to 09

Hi folks, how are you?

This week we move on to the second scene (which is the first one coming after the opening).
Who said I hate storyboarding again?! Don’t remember but this person might be right (haha…)
Anyway, this is not the funiest part for me but since it’s a making of, I had to let you see a bit.

Here it goes!


Click to enlarge

Yeah I know, this is a bit hard to understand. But that’s clear for me, and as I said before,
at this step, if I’m not getting lost with my storyboard, then you don’t have to worry about a thing ^_-) v

I guess we’re done for this week.
Next week’s hint: Sound!
Thank you for watching!!


Hi folks, how are you?

Last week, I made a little mistake.The post’s title stated something like “all plans” didn’t it?
Actually the last cut was missing, but don’t worry today things are settled.
Today the puzzle’s pieces are getting together as the first scene has finally been complete.
Things have been updated.
Will you get the differences between this version and the previous ones.
Let’s figure it out now with this FULL MINUTE OF ANIMATION!!

First scene is over! YES! Of course I intend to polish the whole thing but because I need to go on,
I will be going on with the next scene starting next week. 期待しててね! (Kitai shite te ne! / Look forward to it!)

Oh! I almost forgot, if there is somebody you know who wants to make voices for characters, let me know. I need to start thinking about this in advance.

And as always, thanks for watching!!

Pre- Opening Story-Board v.01

Hi folks, how are you?

Ok today, we are gonna get into some serious business for I am going to talk about the story board.

I began with a simple version of this scene, and added some colors to get an idea of the whole atmosphere.
You might find strange that I didn’t put many notes around the frames since this is the usual way to do things. The reason is…..those kind of things are confusing me more than helping me. Also, I have my scenario by my side so I can rely on.

Ok, let’s take a look at it!


Click to enlarge


Why is it written in french? No clue XD

Ok, this version, lacks many shots actually. This was more like a first shot to dive into the water as we say in french. (Got the same expression in english?) In other words, I needed to get into it. Don’t worry, I’ll make things clearer as I’ll be going on.

Anyway, thanks for reading and see you on next monday!



Manga (pages 5 to 8)

Hi folks!

I feel like I hadn’t post since long. I don’t know why, but I am happy to finally show you the next 4 pages of the story.

For those who don’t know, this is only the first shot I gave in turning the plot into form.

Actualy the story, as it evolved to the moment, changed quiet a bit from what you will see now. But since this site is a making of, I thought I should show you where all the thing came from.

If you want to read the previous pages click on this link.

No more talking here we go!


Pages 005 – 006



Pages 007 – 008



P.S: I don’t have a scanner and I have some troubles with my camera so don’t mind the quality please ^^”

This week, the polls are back!

よろしくな!I’m counting on you guys ^^

Thanks for reading and see you sooooon!

Manga (pages 1 to 4)

Hey folks!

Today is monday and for this eleventh post I had to choose between manga or animatic (according to your votes).
So, I guess you know what is the result of this long decision…
Yeah! Manga version, how did you know?XD

Ok, great,but first things first, let me explain a few things.

You have to read from right to left. If you want to know why, well it’s just because I first wrote it in japanese to practice a bit.
Second thing, I translated it in french. Why? dunno…XD (sorry for those who don’t understand), but don’t worry this was more a first shot in order to give me an idea of where i’m going, than the final story.

Guess I’m done with the explanations, time to read! (or watch ^^”)


Pages 001 – 002


Pages 003 – 004

Ok, just like in a video game, this eleventh post is a sign of evolution, and so, new subject’s appeared for next week’s poll.

Check it out! ^^) v

Story Overview Part 1!!

Hi guys! How are you doing on this monday?

This week you asked for something concerning the story so… “Here we are! Born to be Kings with the Princes of the Universe”.
Alright I hope you’re doing fine, if not, let’s start this new week with an overview of the first episode. (Keep in mind that things might change, as I am still fixing details about the story.)
Genre: Action/ Comedy/ Fantasy/ Adventure.

Language: Japanese (Let’s practice japanese here sometimes, I’ ll help you by putting some japanese words sometimes. For example: 準備オッケー?Junbi ok? Are you ready?) ^^) v

Subtitles: English

This story contains two main characters, Shin and Kyu.
Those two young boys are going to meet from the very beginning of the story, as Kyu is having his first day in his new school.
“Sadamaru school” is special any many ways, one of them is that every morning, as late students tries to get there in time, everybody is fighting each other in order to enter first.
Why? Because kendo club’s master and his little girl, Gaya, are waiting for latecomers, bamboo blade in hand!
Why?? Well, you might think that it’s to prevent anyone to get late again and that’s what students think, but you would be wrong. The reason is that they almost don’t have any member at the dojo, so they use it as an excuse to find new members by fighting them. Of course latecomers have a chance since bamboo blades are disposed at the entrance. To put it simple, every morning in this school ends up looking like a war field.
So this is actualy the first scene, Shin and Kyu are going to meet at this moment, but something is going to go really really wrong.
This something, is going to end up with Shin and Kyu melting their blood, by accident, with each other.
From this moment their fate is going to be revealed little by little, as they’re going to get a glimpse of their own future through strange visions.

What do you think about this beginning?
Any idea? ^^

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to vote for next week’s post, バイバイ(bai bai, bye bye) ^^