Fire Effect test 2

Hi folks, how are you?

Today, I prepared a few fire effect tests.
In the first scene you probably saw some flames but, there is a cut  I couldn’t be satisfied with.
I am talking about the big fireball coming from the sky and the flames in Shin’s hand. (Here’s the video)
And so, I decided to make a better version:

Now I have moving flames which can be used and edited (movement, color, shape…) as much as I need to fit in any scene.
Well, that’s it guys, hope you liked it, thanks for watching, have a nice week and see you on next monday!


Hi folks, how are you?

Today I prepared a special effect which I am going to use many times in the story.
Let’s take a look, we’ll review it after:

So, this is actually a transition effect.
But why do I need such a colorful transition you might think XD
If it’s the case, just know that in this story, there is not only one world, but “at least” two.
This other world is called: RealDream! I know what you’re thinking, “what an obvious name!” right? Well, wait and see ^^

That’s it for today, thanks for watching, have a nice week and see you on next Monday!

OST Practice!

Hi folks, how are you?

Today is the one year birthday of this site and sooooo…
Let’s celebrate with music!! ^o^) /
Making music for the anime is really exciting, I love it but I want it to sound a lot more better and
that’s what practice is all about ^^
Let’s hear it:

Actualy I made a lot of tests but I could only pick up 3, the rest is never to be heard hahaha.
Hope you liked it, thanks for hearing XD, have a nice week and see you on next monday!

Last week, part 2!

Hi Folks, how are you?

Today completes next week’s post.
I pushed the smoke quality a little further and added two more plans inside the shot.
Let’s see!

What is a “ThermoScarf”? I made a quiet obvious name, but still, more explanations about it are coming in the upcoming parts.
You might have noticed the student lying on the floor behind Kyu.
I intend on making him try to get up on his feet because the plan where Kyu speaks lacks a bit of sub animations.
But for this, I need to model the students in 3D, which leads us to next week so stay tuned.
Oh, and I do apologize for those of you who came to read yesterday’s post. ごめんな/ Gomen na/ Sorry (^-^ ,”)
Ok, let’s add a little bonus to end this post.
Here you go:

Here’s a way of using the same smoke effect to get a different looking smoke.
That’s it for the day so, as always thanks for watching and see you next monday!!


Hi folks, how are you?
Today I will share with you a short plan from the upcoming cut.
Let’s watch it together:

I tried a different way of creating the 3D background.
Instead of making it full 3D, I’ve put 2D images in a 3D space.
As a result, the rendering time is faster. Once the last fix are made, this can
become a good point for my workflow (since my computer is getting old).
I have put some efforts on making a good looking 2D smoke effect.
All that’s left is to put a lighting on it, here is a little test:


Click to enlarge

Well, that’s about it, thanks for watching and see you on next monday!

3D Eyes

Hi folks, how are you?

Today, I would like to show you an upgrade for the eyes of my characters.
Now that it’s done, I can get interesting results by changing the size of the pupils…
I still need to rig the eyebrows by the way…hahaha.
Ok, the video is faster than the blink of an eye (WOHOHO) so don’t hesitate to replay it.

Ok that’s all for today.
Stay tuned and thanks for watching!!

The Crow

Hi folks, how are you?

This monday, we will take a look at a little fellow that we are going to see many times in the story.
But let’s just introduce him already:

This crow and his copy pasted friends are going to give Kyu a really hard time, but on the other side they are also going to become the source of a great power.
See you next week for mmore stuff!
Thanks for watching!!

Scene 0002 Cut001 (2 versions)

Hi Folks, how are you?

Sorry for being late, you know what it is, waking up early, feeling like you have all the time in the world to get prepared and find out that you are already 20 minutes late…

Anyway , today what about taking a look at the first cut of the second scene!
I put two versions in the video.
The second one has a character animation whereas the first one is closer to e a rough shot.
Let’s see!

I’m planning on changing the camera to the one from the first shot for the final version.
That’s it for the day so, as always thanks for watching and see you next week!!

FX test 001

Hi folks how are you?

Today we are having a look over special effects.
This is a 2D teleportation effect. I’m thinking of making it 3D so I’d be able to use it from any point of view.

Let’s take a look at it!

So? Looking forward for version 2? ^^

Ok, someone asked me why the character’s age looked so different in the recents posts. Here come the explanation.
Since the beginning of the project I kept showing a younger aspect of my character and I think this is just about time to tell you that this story is going to cover almost all their life, and right now on this site, I’m trying to show a much larger range of possibilities that I’d be able to If I were to follow the chronological order of the story.
This might have been obvious for most of you, but I just wanted to make it sure.

Alright folks, we’re going to call it a day.
Thanks for reading and see you next week!